The Punch at Big Data Paris 2019

Big Data Paris 2019 Workshop Tuesday 12th of March, 14H00 Machine Learning for Critical Systems Damien Fontanes, Dimitri Tombroff Abstract In real-life critical systems and applications, accessing the data to test, tune and run artificial intelligence algorithms involved several under-estimated problems. The first challenge is mainly to provide consistent tools and execution engines usable for Read more about The Punch at Big Data Paris 2019[…]

News From Logstash

In the punch, we do not use logstash for high-performance logs parsing. Why is that? Mainly because logstash is nor easily scalable nor does it provide an end-to-end acknowledgment pattern. This is a serious lack because we cannot afford to lose logs whatever happens. We thus selected an alternative technology (apache storm) to run our equivalent input/filter/output processors, Read more about News From Logstash[…]

Punch Data Science Meetup

Punch Data Science Meetup When: on the 15th of October. Where: in Rennes at the Google atelier numérique. Organised as part of the Rennes Machine Learning Meetup /French Tech Speaker: Simon Grah from Thales Theresis Research Lab Topic: Maritime Traffic Anomaly Detection We are very happy to have Simon animate our next meetup in Rennes. Many thanks to  Camille Saumard (from lumenai), to invite Read more about Punch Data Science Meetup[…]

(PP-1703) additional carriage return make input topologies very slow

Description If logs sent using tcp contain extra carriage returns, the input topologies reading drop to a low rate. The reason is that these carriage returns are silently dropped (which is correct) in a way to cause Storm engine to think it should wait before getting the next logs. This (storm) behaviour is configured using Read more about (PP-1703) additional carriage return make input topologies very slow[…]

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(PP-1841) Kafka memory leak

Description Kafka brokers suffer from a memory leak ( related to the metric reporting feature. This is unfortunately not a feature that can be disabled. This leak affects version 0.10.x and 0.11.x releases and has been fixed in release 1.x only. Impact This leak will slowly fill the heap of kafka broker processes. It is easily identifiable Read more about (PP-1841) Kafka memory leak[…]

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Craig Release 5.0.0 Announcement

The Craig punchplatform version 5.0.0 is released. This post gives an overview of the new features. New Features The Craig punchplatform has a number of important new features. Elastic 6.x stack Kibana 6.2.2 support for apache avro encoding and type conversions New administration REST and HMI platform architecture and tools Integrated central log and alert management Read more about Craig Release 5.0.0 Announcement[…]

Brad Release 4.0.0 Announcement

We are happy to announce the Brad punchPlatform 4.0.0 release. New Features The Brad release has many significant new features coming either from the many new features of the  Elastic 5.* and the Ceph luminous v12.2.0 release update, or from the new punchplatform features. Elastic 5.x Checkout the elastic 5.0 new features list.  Here is a Read more about Brad Release 4.0.0 Announcement[…]