Do you want to work on distributed analytics and artificial intelligence software applied to the many Thales civilian and defense use cases ? Are Cybersecurity, transportation, IoT, data intelligence exciting to you ? Checkout out our open positions below.

Punch Team Philosophy

The Punchplatform is an open source based platform that has been designed to be deployed in various environments: on clouds, on-premise, on large or tiny systems.

Engineering such platforms in a way to be easy to deploy, easy to operate, easy to use and even easy to upgrade is a non-trivial effort. It requires solid software development skills, and more importantly, a sharp mind and the ability to think like a user.

We believe in our team members. We think they achieve great objectives when they are set free, continuously challenged by the surrounding teams, and by making them highly visible both inside and outside the Thales organisation.

The Punch team is a small team, distributed over several sites mainly in Rennes and Velizy/Paris, working with excellent relationships with many French and international Thales teams. We do not have a hierarchical organisation. We have strong processes, great tools, and a real sense of agility to deliver at our best. We expect anyone to challenge and comment on absolutely anything, regardless of its role within the team or within Thales.

Open Positions

Open Internship

All our internship take place on the Vélizy and / or Rennes sites in teams that speak French daily. Internships have a minimum duration of 3 months and are reserved for students in the final year (BAC + 5 / Engineer / Master 2)