The Punch

Discover the next Gen data processing and analytics platform


Deploy functions into flexible data pipelines. Use graphical editors.


Punch runs on production platforms for years on large scale distributed infrastructures.


A service team to resolve production incidents, solve your uses cases and upgrade your platform.

The punch is a kubernetes-native serverless/FaaS platform that provides advanced log management and data analytics features. Code your functions in Rust, Java, Python, or using the proprietary punchlang programming language. Deploy orchestrate and run these on several runtime engines.  Punch enables you to design and run various kinds of processing logics: stream and batch computing, complex event processing, correlation and detection, machine learning algorithms.

Professional services

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One Node

Provide non-resilient treatments on one node.



Highly available platform

Perform resilient treatments without loss thanks to our highly available solution.



On cloud platform

Deploy the Punchplatform with managed services from AWS, Azure or GKE.


MLOps Made Easier

Successfully deploying and maintaining machine learning applications is, to us (punch team), still a real challenge. We have read many papers and blogs introducing great new technologies to tackle¬†mlops issues. We still find the whole Read more…

Punch the 6th

The punch 6.2.0 (Dave) has been released and marks a significant step forward. A good time to give some punch news, what are the new features ? what is the punch used for? where will Read more…

Nifi Speaks Punch

Overview Apache Nifi is a popular technology to handle dataflow between systems. Using a simple interface to create diagrams, you can manage where the data goes and how is it processed. Just like many similar Read more…

Packaging Python

Dealing With Python Apps The punch story with python is an old one. We implemented an elasticsearch aggregator tool in the Brad release (now deprecated), we also leveraged the elasticsearch curator application that we provide Read more…