Elasticsearch on Steroid

The punchplatform is deployed in a number of industrial projects. By now you hopefully know the punchplatform is built extensively on top of Elasticsearch. We run production for several years now, and some of our elasticsearch clusters are fairly big and hold up to a year of data, parsed and normalised thanks to the standard Read more about Elasticsearch on Steroid[…]

From Big to Tiny Data Platforms

Among many other useful things, big data platforms lets you design data pipeline, fetching or receiving data from one side, applying some transformations, then pushing the resulting data further. If you run a punchplatform, you are likely to do that to collect then parse your data into Elasticsearch, in turn visualizing it using Kibana.  Here Read more about From Big to Tiny Data Platforms[…]

Running Plain Spark Examples

The punchplatform lets you design arbitrary spark pipelines on top of your Elastic data by simple configuration. Refer to the PML documentation. In this post we explain how to execute a straight Spark job. Doing that is useful to quickly prototype, to understand what your are doing, or even simply to learn the spark basics. Because the Read more about Running Plain Spark Examples[…]