Introducing PML

The PunchPlatform Machine Learning (PML) sdk lets you design and run arbitrary spark applications on your platform data. Why would you do that ? Punchplatforms process large quantities of data, parsed, normalized then indexed in ElasticSeach in real time. As a result you have powerful search capabilities through Kibana dashboards. In turn, spark applications let Read more about Introducing PML[…]

[Feature] Punch SublimeText Plugin

Introduction For few weeks, the punchplatform team uses a sublimeText plugin to edit punch code (aka punchlet). First, for internal usage, we have decided to provide the plugin with each standalone from Brad 4.0.1. Video Tuturial A 10min video is available to discover the installation and first step with the plugin : Standalone download link Read more about [Feature] Punch SublimeText Plugin[…]

Brad Release 4.0.1 Announcement

We are happy to announce the Brad punchPlatform 4.0.1 release. Take a look at Brad Release 4.0.0 to (re)discover all Brad features.  Download the last standalone at For this release, we have been focused on: Control the platform configuration before the deployment. Improve the correlation & detection capabilities by simplifying the configuration description. Create a nice online Read more about Brad Release 4.0.1 Announcement[…]