Punch Data Science Meetup

Punch Data Science Meetup When: on the 15th of October. Where: in Rennes at the Google atelier numérique. Organised as part of the Rennes Machine Learning Meetup /French Tech Speaker: Simon Grah from Thales Theresis Research Lab Topic: Maritime Traffic Anomaly Detection We are very happy to have Simon animate our next meetup in Rennes. Many thanks to  Camille Saumard (from lumenai), to invite Read more about Punch Data Science Meetup[…]

Punchplatform Machine Learning (PML) for platform monitoring

Punchplatform periodically collects and stores data characterizing the health of the platform (metrics). It gathers both system metrics (CPU, RAM) and applicative metrics like the tuple travel time through a Storm topology. Since its last version, Punchplatform contains a specific module dedicated to machine learning based on Apache Spark: Punchplatform Machine Learning (check out this Read more about Punchplatform Machine Learning (PML) for platform monitoring[…]

From Big to Tiny Data Platforms

Among many other useful things, big data platforms lets you design data pipeline, fetching or receiving data from one side, applying some transformations, then pushing the resulting data further. If you run a punchplatform, you are likely to do that to collect then parse your data into Elasticsearch, in turn visualizing it using Kibana.  Here Read more about From Big to Tiny Data Platforms[…]

Running Plain Spark Examples

The punchplatform lets you design arbitrary spark pipelines on top of your Elastic data by simple configuration. Refer to the PML documentation. In this post we explain how to execute a straight Spark job. Doing that is useful to quickly prototype, to understand what your are doing, or even simply to learn the spark basics. Because the Read more about Running Plain Spark Examples[…]