Craig 5.2.1 Release

We are happy to share the latest development, new features and stories coming together with  the craig.5.2.1 release.

First of all the craig 5.2.1 leverages Elastic 6.5, Kibana 6.5, Spark 2.4 and Storm 1.1.3 releases.  As you can guess, that alone brings in a lot of new features.

On the Punch side, we also introduced important and key features. These features were driven by customer use cases, and by a more and more active collaboration with Thales teams in particular on the data science front.

CyberSecurity Pipelines

We have been working on deploying (what we call) cybersecurity pipelines. These are end-to-end setups from log collection, parsing, enrichment, up to correlation and detection. We are now running a number of siddhi rules fully integrated into punchlets themselves deployed in storm topologies.

The Punchplatform already integrated all the required pieces and parts. Deploying these for real use cases gave us valuable feedback. First, the punch modularity allowed us to design these pipelines the way we wanted and taking into account our customer constraints.

running production. This has a number of beneficial effects. First, we keep adding new parsers. Second, we had to design the en

Azure Blob Storage Connectors

MapD Integration (Beta)


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