A Frugal Smart Data Solution with Rust and WebAssembly

For the upcoming Eco-design of Digital Services Meetup, Reyyan Tekin and Jean-Félix Berthiau from Thales will be sharing insights into their eco-friendly data processing platform:

Starting from operational needs in challenging environments, they have developed a practical and resource-efficient solution for real-time data processing. From these efforts, they’ve created a platform for analyzing the carbon footprint of digital solutions and activities.

They will demonstrate how Rust and WebAssembly enable the development of a frugal smart data solution, utilizing a serverless Function as a Service (FaaS) foundation. This will be illustrated through the practical implementation of a cloud platform for tracking carbon costs.

About Us:

Reyyan Tekin: I am passionate about pushing boundaries by creating innovative solutions through the synergy of data, software, and sustainable design.

Jean-Félix Berthiau: Joining Thales as a Java developer 7 years ago, I quickly transitioned to DevSecOps and then took on roles as a Product Owner and Solution Manager. I am enthusiastic about sustainable development challenges and the environment.

Following this meetup, there will be a networking session with drinks and a buffet, sponsored by Thales.

For more information about the Eco-design of Digital Services Meetup, please visit the Meetup page.

Additionally, here are three blog articles that provide further insights into the topics discussed in the meetup:

Feel free to explore these resources to deepen your understanding of the innovative solutions and sustainable practices discussed during the meetup.