PConsole (BETA)

The PConsole is a lightweight package which allows you to deploy components on a Kubernetes cluster. It also provides a local lightweight Kubernetes cluster based on k3d if needed


The Standalone is used to discover and run sample Punch applications. It is the best starting point to understand Punch concepts, parsers, and applications. With Standalone, you an quickly implement analytics/detection use cases and search into your data.

The Standalone is free to use for demo, experiment or as a companion to official releases. To go in production , you need a license and the Punchplatform Deployer package. This package comes with additional features including the official Punch installer. 


The Punchplatform Deployer is a tool to create a Punchplatform cluster with configuration management, resiliency and scalability.



Licenses :

The Punchplatform code, including log parsers, injection files and every related configuration file is licensed under Thales Inner Source licenses.