Leveraging the Elastic Common Schema

Introduction The Elastic Common Schema (ECS) is a new normalized format proposed by the Elastic community. Although still in beta status, it is already usable, concrete and more importantly promising. The ECS idea is simple: benefit from a common specification to structure the data indexed in Elasticsearch. Such a data normalization makes it simple and Read more about Leveraging the Elastic Common Schema[…]

NIMITS – New Intelligence Monitoring for IT Systems

Punchplaform offers a powerful stack of big data components to build in few weeks a complete use case. At the Thales Innovative Initiative, the Professional Services team has build an intelligent monitoring in 2 weeks. Based on OS metrics, applicative logs and runtimes metrics, NIMITS uses the punch language to enrich the data with context Read more about NIMITS – New Intelligence Monitoring for IT Systems[…]

[Feature] Punch SublimeText Plugin

Introduction For few weeks, the punchplatform team uses a sublimeText plugin to edit punch code (aka punchlet). First, for internal usage, we have decided to provide the plugin with each standalone from Brad 4.0.1. Video Tuturial A 10min video is available to discover the installation and first step with the plugin : Standalone download link Read more about [Feature] Punch SublimeText Plugin[…]

Brad Release 4.0.1 Announcement

We are happy to announce the Brad punchPlatform 4.0.1 release. Take a look at Brad Release 4.0.0 to (re)discover all Brad features.  Download the last standalone at punchplatform-standalone-4.0.1.zip For this release, we have been focused on: Control the platform configuration before the deployment. Improve the correlation & detection capabilities by simplifying the configuration description. Create a nice online Read more about Brad Release 4.0.1 Announcement[…]

Craig Release 5.0.0 Announcement

The Craig punchplatform version 5.0.0 is released. This post gives an overview of the new features. New Features The Craig punchplatform has a number of important new features. Elastic 6.x stack Kibana 6.2.2 support for apache avro encoding and type conversions New administration REST and HMI platform architecture and tools Integrated central log and alert management Read more about Craig Release 5.0.0 Announcement[…]