(PP-1703) additional carriage return make input topologies very slow

Description If logs sent using tcp contain extra carriage returns, the input topologies reading drop to a low rate. The reason is that these carriage returns are silently dropped (which is correct) in a way to cause Storm engine to think it should wait before getting the next logs. This (storm) behaviour is configured using Read more about (PP-1703) additional carriage return make input topologies very slow[…]

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(PP-1841) Kafka memory leak

Description Kafka brokers suffer from a memory leak (https://github.com/apache/kafka/pull/4307)┬árelated to the metric reporting feature. This is unfortunately not a feature that can be disabled.┬áThis leak affects version 0.10.x and 0.11.x releases and has been fixed in release 1.x only. Impact This leak will slowly fill the heap of kafka broker processes. It is easily identifiable Read more about (PP-1841) Kafka memory leak[…]

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(PP-1405) Punch Date Operator Bug

Description For efficiency, the punch date operator is pre-compiled with internal date formatters. As part of it, the current year is compiled in as default year. When the year changes, the date formatters keep generating timestamp with the previous year. This only occurs if you have no year in your data timestamps, and you rely Read more about (PP-1405) Punch Date Operator Bug[…]